About Pet Munchies

Pet Munchies factories are all designed and built based on human consumption standards and are strictly managed.

Pet Munchies is a UK based company and our factory has been registered with the HACCP food safety system, and holds a European Union Licence.

Our factory attaches great importance to research and development of products and has numbers of professional technicians. Stock shipped to the UK is fully tested prior to shipping.


All suppliers including the henneries and abattoirs are registered CIQ, so we can guarantee that the chicken materials are healthy and of the highest quality.

The small chicken breast meat is the most nutritional and delicious part of the chicken. Our chicken products made of chicken breast contain abundant proteins, equivalent to four chicken breasts, Pet Munchies only manufacture 100% natural dog treats.

What do we mean by "natural" ?

Well, all our meat is of human consumption standard, and comes from export approved meat plants. They have no chemical additives at all, just pure meat. We retain this concept throughout our process, trimming to size, traying and slowly roasting the meats in their own juices for a long period of time. This retains all its natural nutritional value. The dehydrating in our state-of-the-art driers ensures a shelf life of 18 months.

Dogs are animals with a particularly well-developed sense of smell. They find natural snacks delicious delicacies stimulating their smell, cleaning their teeth, providing protection for their gums and strengthening their jaw muscles.

Natural snacks are a perfect supplement to the daily diet of a dog. They can also be treated as a prize or simply given for pleasure. Natural dried meat is a real delicacy for every dog. It has an excellent effect on the sense of smell. It is healthy and delicious.